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Rosie Riveted Us

Rosie Sultan

Rosie Sultan, author of “Helen Keller in Love.”

Rosie Sultan came to AAUW on January 9th to talk about her novel, Helen Keller in Love. Ms. Sultan is a very engaging, dynamic, and knowledgeable speaker. She had us on the edges of our seats with stories of her lifelong fascination with Helen Keller, the tiny seed in a biography of Keller that grew into an entire sensitively imagined novel, the challenges of writing in the first person when that person is without two of our primary senses — sight and hearing — and more. She also did a moving reading from the beginning of the novel.

Ms. Sultan did meticulous and extensive research before writing Helen Keller in Love, so she was able to enlighten us about many lesser-known facets of Helen Keller’s life and times, her family, and her progressive politics and advocacy, along with the novel’s central — and true — love story. And who knew that the Fiske Public Library in Wrentham still had Helen Keller’s bathing suit?!? Ms. Sultan also told us a lot of fascinating things about Annie Sullivan’s life that we hadn’t known before — we can’t wait for her to write that novel!

In Other Meeting News

A lot of AAUWers were unable to make the January meeting and missed a really terrific program. We hope that everyone who was ailing is feeling better, and that everyone who had other commitments gets a chance to relax and unwind soon. However, there is one way in which January absentees are lucky: Because of the low turnout, we decided to wait until the February meeting to raffle off the beautiful cream and cafe au lait afghan crocheted by Kendra’s friend.

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January Program

hk_coverAAUW-MWB is looking forward to welcoming Brookline author Rosie Sultan, who will be discussing her debut novel, Helen Keller in Love, on January 9th.

The Boston Globe review certainly makes us want to read the book:

“Ambitious. Sultan’s sensibility is consistently contemporary, a wise choice given Keller’s distinctly modern views. An advocate for women’s rights, an unapologetic socialist and fierce opponent to World War I, Keller exposed and challenged oppression and prejudice in all its myriad forms. Her voice in this novel is evocative of any current celebrity’s. She feels imprisoned by her reputation and her fans’ expectations of her, weary of being the meal ticket for her family, and harassed by the press. As much as she loves and needs Annie, she also chafes at their interdependence. And above all, she is unashamed of her own sexuality, eager to express it, and resentful of her mother and sister’s determination to keep her pure and caged within the confines of propriety…Sultan does a fine job of demonstrating how Keller navigates the world with just three senses.”

Rosie Sultan earned her MFA at Goddard College and won a PEN Discovery Award for fiction. A former fellow at the Virginia Center for the Arts, she has taught writing at Boston University, the University of Massachusetts, and Suffolk University. She lives with her husband and son in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Copies of Helen Keller in Love will be available for purchase and signing. The meeting is on January 9, 2013, at 7PM at the First United Methodist Church, 645 Main Street, in Melrose, MA 02176.

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